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Pebble Eden Experience

The Pebble Eden Experience strives to provide guests with a luxury standard while living in harmony with the beautiful nature in which we reside.

We are not completely off-grid but we are pretty close to it. With no road connecting us to civilisation and local amenities being a drive away, a small part of the journey takes you off road to get to Pebble Eden.  


Come rain or shine we simply thrive on being outside, breathing in the fresh air and exploring all nature has to offer.  Our pride and passion is our homegrown seasonal vegetables, fresh eggs and milk, and fruits from our many fruit trees. We can offer you the best organic quality as we simply thrive on eating well and fresh!

Contact Us

Please drop us an email or call and we will be happy to help plan your wilderness retreat with us and tell you more about all the delicious products we have. 

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